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The rich, warm colors and textures of Tuscany, Italy’s farming region, are one of typically the most popular versions of the Cottage Country home design. Kitchens that are chock packed with cabinets and wall colors that are dark and heavy can transform your space right into a Tuscan kitchen with a few budget-minded additions and some nifty painting techniques. To begin with, here’s one designer’s trick for creating walls that look like the plaster walls of Tuscan villas. Put about two cups of the joint compound into a paint tray, then add large spoonfuls of light tan, cream, sage green, and rust-red paint. Combine this mixture by rolling a paint roller in to the pan, and then “pounce” the mixture in to the corners of the area and over the edges of the walls. It isn’t necessary to combine the colors completely in to the joint compound; it’s the variation in the colors that’ll supply the walls a traditional feel. Also, use a cheap paintbrush for this approach so you can cut the bristles down to about one inch long. This helps it be easier to apply the mixture. Go to the below mentioned site, if you are searching for additional information regarding floating mantel shelf.

If this color scheme doesn’t appeal for you, then consider taking color cues from ceramic tiles. The tiles might be installed behind the sink as a backsplash or used as wall art or trivets. Or take along with scheme from area rugs for the kitchen. The hues and harvest designs of orange rugs, red rugs, green rugs, and yellow rugs can serve to unify the kitchen’s color scheme. Next, paint the cabinets in one of many deeper colors of the Tuscan palette, typically a strong red or cypress green. This will relieve the appearance of dark-wood cabinets. Update a wooden kitchen table with new paint, stencils, or other designs topped with clear varnish to safeguard them from wear. At the same time, refresh dining chairs with new upholstery in Tuscan colors, such as deep gold. A brand new light fixture wouldn’t go amiss, either. Search for something that’s an aged finish to match the rustic theme. And what direction to go about dozens of cookbooks? One method to corral these references and keep to the theme is to set up some shelves to put up the books, contained in either a workplace island or even a dining bench.

Always consider painting kitchen furniture additions such as these to keep with the Tuscan country theme. Sage green or terracotta can be excellent colors to utilize for furniture, but make sure to use semi-gloss paint for durability and easy clean-up. If the kitchen requires a message center, consider covering a big corkboard with fabric leftover from the chair upholstery. This is an ideal area for those essential notes every busy family needs these days to help keep in touch. These are fabric, don’t forget to select something appropriate for curtains. If it’s necessary to leave a screen open to the light, consider hanging sheers with a valance in a complementary fabric. Another choice is to set up a Roman shade with a valance if more privacy is desired.